Your satisfaction is at the heart of our philosophy and activities, which is why we promise to deliver only the highest standards of quality. For more than 100 years, we have remained true to our principles: only the very best ingredients are good enough for our baked goods. To ensure our various types of home-made dough develop their full aroma, we rely on a particularly long maturing time. And you can really taste the difference!

One of the secrets behind the exceptional flavour of our bread is the use of Grander Water, also called revitalised water. It is pure, of high quality and is said to have a positive effect on both body and soul.

Bäckerei Birkelbach is the only bakery in the region that uses Grander Water for its entire range of products, which also gives the dough its special aroma.

If you like your bread, cake and pastries to remind you of that fresh and wonderful smell of bygone days, then our traditional bakery is just the place for you.